Della M. Truman

1977 ∼ 2021

Derek horta of Taunton ma wrote:

Rest easy love you hug my dad for me when u see him

Steven A Sheppard of Denmark wrote:

My heart is broken . Love you . May God bless you and your family . RIP Sweetheart

Julie Parker of Brockton MA wrote:

Auntie Della I never thought I would see this day. I miss you more than I can express. You and I had a bond that no one could ever break. I love you so much auntie. I will always hold our memories close to my heart.

Shelby Marie of Ma wrote:

I loved getting to know you and being a part of your life. You were like an Auntie to me. You will surely be very missed by everyone. You are so very much loved. We will watch over your babies but we know, above all, you will be their guardian angel. We love you, may God bless your soul, and may we be reunited in heaven someday.

Angela Horta of Casco Maine wrote:

RIP Della you were a great MOM and you Will FOREVER be MISSED & I will ALWAYS REMEMBER our little TALKS over TEA while we WAITED for Butchy and Kenny to come back to the house keep an eye over your babies and watch over them they will forever be told about you and the love you had for them till we see each other again ❤

David Chaves wrote:

I have such a heavy heart writing this. I love you so much auntie. Your memory will never fade away. I only wish we had more time. Rest easy my beautiful auntie Della, I love you.

Michelle Pittsley of Ma wrote:

My dear friend, I’m still in disbelief that you passed away. Having you as my friend meant so much to me and not being able to talk to you anymore is going to be so hard. I cherish every conversation, every laugh, and every moment I got to spend with you. I am going to miss you so much but I’ll keep your memory alive for you. I love you Della and will be excited to someday be reunited with you in heaven. Rest easy beautiful.

Michael Emerick of Ma wrote:

Della, you were the best sister-in-law and it was a joy to have you in my life. I have so many wonderful memories with you and I will hold onto them forever. Our friendship meant a lot to me and it always will. I hope you rest easy and be assured that Nick and Alexa will be very loved and taken care of by all of us. See you again soon Della.

Kelly Paine of Bridgewater Mass. wrote:

To a beautiful woman, I had the pleasure of knowing and meeting. I am so sorry,so young. To your family and friends, I love you and will be praying for you all.

Gennaro and Kimberly Dellatorre of Raynham, Ma wrote:

I love you Della, and will always remember how close all of us were growing up.even though we grow up start our own families and lose touch a will never change how much i love you.i will talk to you in my prayers every night.i know you will be watching over your beautiful children because you are great jerry❤️ Although I didn’t get to know you longer, i will cherish the times we got together to do your hair. That was fun. I’ll miss you. Love kimberly

Cheryl Horta of Lakeville mass. 02347 wrote:

I will Miss you so much Della. Your my baby sister My heart is broke. To know l won.t be able to sleep over your house and help you with anything you need . I loved making blankets,cooking,and staying up to watch late night Tv. I love you Della. you were an Amazing Mother. You will be sadly missed Untill we meet again . Kiss Mom and Dad...l know kenny will take good care of the babies. And l will still be there for them. God Bless. Love cheryl.

Michael j Chaves of Leominster ma wrote:

I love my aunt Della more then anything -mikey

Manny, Cheryl, Jinny Horta of Brockton Ma wrote:


Crystal Dellatorre of Hudson, Ma wrote:

Della, I can’t believe that you are gone. I never imagined having to sit here and write this message. Words can’t explain how my heart feels. We did everything together when we were little. I’ll never forget staying up late talking about boys and drinking tea with 20 sugars in it lol. I’m so happy I recently got to spend the day with you and the kids. I will cherish that day forever. I just can’t believe I won’t be able to hear your voice again or hug you. I wish I had been given the chance to say goodbye. Della, you were such a good mom and I know you will be watching over your babies. They will always remember how much you loved them. May your beautiful soul Rest In Peace. I love you Della ❤️

AnaMaria Teixeira of Taunton, MA wrote:

Della, I remember the day you and I first met 15 years ago. I had locked myself out of our building and knocked on your sliding door and you said to Kenny what does the that B***ch want and we both laughed because not only did it happen once but twice and on that second time we knew we would be best friends forever. Well bestie we still have forever even though your not here with Me or with us. It’s just a lot different now because now we can’t see your beautiful smile, hear your laughter, watch you enjoy your 2 beautiful children Nick and Lexy. As their GodMother I will help Kenny anyway I possibly can my beautiful best friend and sister always. May you R.I.P. and Fly HighWith The Angels Above . Della give My Angel my Daughter Crystal your niece a huge hug from her Mama ok and tell her I Love her And Miss Her So Much. I Love You Della and Always Will Forever Till We Meet Again...

Kevin Reed aka your brother of Norridgewock,maine wrote:

Will always remember what we had .I know you me are not blood. But we be came and will miss you .So watch over all of us.

Jinny Chaves of Leominster , Ma wrote:

My beautiful sister Della, I miss you so much .My heart hurts without you here. I wish just one more time I could see you smile, hear your voice or that cute little giggle that was so uniquely yours , hug you tight , give you one more kiss, and tell you how much I love you . I’m heartbroken knowing I won’t ever get that chance again! We always think we have more time, until it’s gone. I want you to know that even though we can’t be together here on earth , we will always be together heart & soul . Memories last a lifetime and i’ll cherish every memory I have of you. Always loved & Never forgotten I love you , Jinny

Manny Horta of Bridgewater . Ma wrote:

My little sister Pokey nose , I remember when I gave you the name Pokey Nose, because your nose is so tiny and petite. You would always laugh when ever I called you Pokey nose. What will I do without you ? I’m going to miss our late nights playing scrabble and Monopoly. Della, I miss you terribly, my heart will always ache because you’re not here. Rip little sister I love you Pokey Nose Love , Manny

Your brother Ticky (Butchy of Casco Maine wrote:

I'm so sorry you were taking too soon I will forever miss our hugs our talks whenever you would call me in the mornings while you were drinking tea and me having a cup of coffee over our talks I will forever miss you I love you forever and Always RIP my baby sister till we see each other again