Diane Louise Malaquias

1974 ∼ 2019

Lynn Malaquias of New Bedford wrote:

I miss you so much. I love you so much. See you on the other side.

Lorraine Ricciotti of MA wrote:

My prayers go out to all of her family and friends She was a wonderful women will miss her

Patty Vigneau’s of Centerville MA wrote:

I am so sorry to hear of Diane’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family . I will always remember the good times we had back in the Mister Donut days. This is so very heartbreaking.

Carol Conroy of West Yarmouth wrote:

To Kate and Michael I am so sorry. I just had a conversation with Mom a couple of weeks back. Just know how much she loved you both.

Karyn McGovern of Marstons Mills, Massachusetts wrote:

Diane was one of the kids from the old neighborhood in Hyannis when we were little. Her sister Maria was my age, so we played together a lot, and Diane was often included. She was bold, determined, (okay, stubborn), a spitfire with nerves of steel. Never shy about offering her opinion or calling out a perceived injustice - then, or later, as an adult. As well as living a few doors down, Diane was in the same year as my younger brother, Michael, so I literally watched her grow up alongside him. Her big, bright, sassy smile beams out from my his class pictures; they frequently played together too, as Diane had no qualms about the rough and tumble play her male classmates favored. As an adult, I know she worked hard at every job she had, and in her most important job as a parent. She was incredibly devoted to her children and seemed to base her decisions on what was best for them, rather than what was expected or what everyone else was doing. I respected that so much, and sought to emulate that kind of independence when making decisions about my own children. I remember thinking how well her inner strength served her. Diane grappled with many heartbreaking health challenges, always ready to fight the good fight, ready to tackle whatever came next, and with frequent gratitude for her successes and blessings. She was brave, strong, and frequently vocal about what she believed to be right, and fair. Diane did not back down from a fight. I know she loved her children deeply, as well as her family, and her friends; she was fiercely protective of them all. Diane lives in the strength of her convictions. She displayed uncommon strength and faced every obstacle with resolve. My heart breaks for her children and family. It seems so unlikely, and unfair, that someone so young, vibrant, and full of life should be gone so soon. My brother, mother, and I, join you in your grief and sadness over this dreadful loss. I hope you are able to channel some of Diane’s singular fortitude, with love, grace, & in support of one another, as you move forward during this extraordinarily difficult time. With Our Deepest Condolences, The McGovern Family

Faith Thompson of Hyannis wrote:

I am so very sorry for your loss. I enjoyed my time at Home Depot with Diane. She was fun to work with. She will truly be missed.

Brandi Aguiar of OCALA, fla wrote:

Diane and I met close to 20yrs ago. At home depot and at the time I was her supervisor when we first opened the store, I left but we were inseparable as well as a few others we worked with. Diane was always a tasty of sunshine and could fill a room with laughter just by her loving personality. When we reconnected it was because she and my brother in law CB(Charles) aguiar ere dating. Best thing that ever could happened for the both of them. They were always together and throughout the house we could hear "hey babe do you need anything? No not right now babe thank you though" the word babe was they're thing. She was the best person to come into our family as well as the greatest friend for vise to 20 yrs. RIP DIANE WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH...

Brandi Aguiar of OCALA, Fla wrote:


Patty Chadwick of West Yarmouth Massachusetts wrote:

Maria and Bob there are no words that can express how sorry I am for your loss. Maria, please express my condolences to Lynn, Karen and your father.

Carly Behlman of Sandwich, Ma wrote:

Diane you were one of a kind. I can’t believe your gone. Love you always and forever!!!

Amy Zuccarello of Cocoa wrote:

I can't even let myself believe you are gone...I love you Diane.. 1st JoAnn now Diane...it breaks my heart every time I let myself know the truth. Stay Gold... I'll be there soon enough ..it's the ones like you, like JoAnn that have so many people left behind...you aren't hurting anymore, if there's nothing ur at least out of all mental & physical pain...if there's more..I hope people like u & I get to see each other again...I wish you came down when I offered u the guest room...no rent, no stress, just time to heal & find yourself but instead uv left me lost...if .. if sucks & I am so far away. It hurts less to just live life like usual being so far away . It only hurts when I go to dial u, dual JoAnn...I can't understand why it would make sense to take a mother from her children, that must've made u lose ur mind. No they are both left without a Mom. .things happen for a reason.. never says things happen for good reasons..I love u & if u can see down to us...show me a sign...make sure I know what it means. Maybe a butterfly that lands on me, an animal that normally could hurt me but if u send it.. maybe a bobcat or panther will come right to me, let me touch it...let me see u in a amazing thing like that. I guess I jusrv wanna know if ur ok...love always & forever..Amy