Eugene O. DeFelice, Sr.

1921 ∼ 2019

Richard Young of CA wrote:

Only got to meet Eugene, one time while he was in CA visiting his son! Instantly knew he was a Great man. I know he will be missed by many! My prayers for his family!

Woody & Phyllis Williams of Vineyard Haven, MA wrote:

....**Semper Fi** Captain!...

Bonita Esskew of Redding, Ca wrote:

All my thoughts and prayers for comfort in this very sad time to Connie and family. Gene will be greatly missed. He was a wonderful delightful man and I just loved his Dartmouth style dress:)) All my love...

Steven P Marini of West Yarmouth wrote:

Uncle Gene was one of the finest men I've ever known. He endured more than most men could, but he always prevailed and moved on. He was an honored educator and Marine. I'm very happy we reconnected a couple of years ago on The Vineyard, along with my cousins, Gene, Susan and Steve (via phone).

Leona Marini Hanrahan of Vernon, Ct. wrote:

Dear Susan, Gene and Steve, Sorry for the loss of your Dad. I have many good memories of him when I was a child having get - togethers in Readville at Grammy’s house. I hope you are all well. Take care. Leona

TAMMY DEESE of Hyannis, MA wrote:

Deepest condolences to Gene’s entire family and friends. He sure was a very special man.

Mary Felicia Mahoney of Dedham Ma wrote:

Uncle Geno, loved by all and our family. We have many great memories, especially of the family reunions. We remember Uncle Geno as a stylish, kind man who lived a good life and served his country well. Our hearts and prayers go out to his loving wife Aunt Connie and his loving children and family. Rest in peace, Uncle Geno. Love, Mary Felicia, Eddie, Chris and Alicia

Kevin McIsaac of Yarmouth Port MA wrote:

Rest in peace Dad, From coming over on Saturday mornings in the 60's for Fruit Loops at Shawn Lee Way to your 98th brithday party, thank you for lettiing me be a part of your Family for all of these years. Your strength and toughness were matched by your kindness and generosity. You made a tremendous difference in my life and many of those around you. You will be missed, but never forgotten. Love Kevin

Brian and Jo Ann Murphy of Tisbury, MA wrote:

Our condolences to the DeFelice family and especially to Connie. He was a wonderful man and I will miss him as will all who knew him. The Legion will not be the same. Take care Captain.

Gary Thornton of Naples, Florida wrote:

To the Defelice Family, We are sorry to hear of your Dad, Ugene Defelice passing. Please accept our condolences to your family for the loss of your dad. As a friends we had many wonderful days back in our High School Years at your family home in Canton with your Family, including your Mom,Dad Brothers and sister Christine . We also enjoyed many wonderful weekends at the D’s home(s) on Martha’s Vineyard. Sincerely, Gary Debbie and Danielle Thornton

Peter Bradlee of Vacaville, CA wrote:

The very first time I met Mr. DeFelice, he was the principal of Hemenway School and I was in the 3rd grade. I was very scared, standing in the hallway outside my classroom as he walked up the stairs and, in his ‘no nonsense’ principal voice, said “Hello, there” –though what I heard was “Why are you in the hallway? You, my boy, are in big trouble.” Surviving that encounter, my family moved up to Chapman Street when I started high school. Steve--“Defa”—who lived around the corner on Shawnlee Way, became my best friend and, when I would see Mr. DeFelice, he was always very serious and still “no nonsense,” but not quite as terrifying. By the time we graduated CHS in 1968, Mr. DeFelice was a bit different; he was a bit happier, easier, and funnier; it seemed that he had saddled some brand new dimensions onto his “no nonsense” self and was beginning to integrate them into his emerging self. He was still ex-marine tough-as-nails but other, gentler, personality facets began to emerge; and I think it may have had something to do with marrying Connie that year. The family doubled in size and overall fun when Teenie, Bobby, and Billy moved in with their Mom. Gene and Connie soon moved on to the Vineyard and grew love and happiness like a Peter Max wave of multi-colored flowers flowing over Sgt. Pepperland. Being with them, whether it was at “Pedro’s South of the Border” or on the Vineyard was always a treat. Their cross-country drive and subsequent presence at Susan’s and my 1990 wedding in Mendocino was a wonderful and special gift. Joining Gene and Connie and the rest of their family on his 95th birthday cruise was a most recent special honor for Susan and I. Connie and Gene passed out the birthday Benjamin’s to each person in “Geno’s Platoon” and then she managed to win the $1000 jackpot in the casino! I got to reflect on how much change and growth Gene and I both must have experienced over the years when I helped him back to his room one evening, after a wonderful family dinner, and got a sweet kiss good night. Our last visit with Gene and Connie was just this past March when my wife, my sister Jackie, and I went to visit the grand couple, along with Genie, Patty and Susan, at their Cherry Street home in Palm Beach Gardens. Gene talked of the Red Sox and getting back to the Island in May, and we looked forward to seeing them there. It was so very sad to hear from Steve that his Dad had passed before getting back to Oak Bluffs but, at the same time, I can’t imagine having a better, fuller, or richer life while here. It has been said that, on the day of his death, what a man possesses will belong to others, but what he is—who he has made of himself—will be his forever. Gene DeFelice grew and whittled and integrated himself over the course of living his 98 years, and created someone quite special, quite wonderful, and quite unique in the process. That is the man we now miss but are so grateful for having had the opportunity to know and share so much happiness with.

Kathy O’Brien Beattie of Mansfield MA wrote:

I remember both Mr. and Mrs D. Wonderful people and wonderful family. I remember hanging with Billy during our High School years, going to the drive in, cafeteria lunches with those chocolate chip cookies and riding in the MG. I am sorry for your loss and will be thinking of you all during this difficult time.

Janet Bille Pierce of Plymouth MA wrote:

I remember Mr. DeFelice happy and positive. And such a loving couple. God bless you all during this difficult time.

Jane Bernazzani Zoppo of Walpole/Canton wrote:

To the DeFelice Family.....We am very sorry to hear of Mr. DeFelice's passing. Growing up with fond memories of the neighborhood in Canton. Our best to you all. The Bernazzani Family Legion St.

Scott Johnson of Monroe, CT wrote:

Dear Connie and all the family, Thinking of you all at this time. Mr. DeFelice "Gene" was a such a great and we have endless wonderful memories of the "hood." I was so thankful to see him on the Vineyard a few years ago when we were there. He definitely has good "genes" - celebrating a wonderful 98 years. My best wish and love to all. Scott

David Ramirez of Hypoluxo, Fla. 33462 wrote:

We will miss Gene forever! Thank you Connie for sharing him with us all these years every week to play poker with us! He will be remembered always as that very proud Marine he was and as the friend and gentleman we knew him to be. Thank you from all of us! God bless your family....we were blessed with Gene. David Ramirez

Patti DeFelice of Oak Bluffs, Ma wrote:

My husband Gene ,our two children Tim and Melissa and I moved to Martha’s Vineyard in 1984. Two months later my Dad passed away unexpectedly. I was 37 years old. I have been blessed that my father-in-law stepped in to fill the void that was left with my Dad’s passing. We all have had a father and some of us are lucky enough to have two Dads in our life. Thank you Dad for filling that void for me for the last 35 years. I love you very much and will miss you every day

Paula Sue Hegarty Ruckhaus of Fairbanks AK wrote:

My sincere condolences to the family. Many happy memories at CJH. Thinking of you, Paula Sue