J. Deane Somerville

1925 ∼ 2019

Michael Fortuna of Scituate wrote:

I met Deane through my dad and O'Brion Russell. My late father, Peter, was also a major player at OBR, and counted Deane as one of his close business friends. Deane had a remarkable physical presence and a refined, friendly demeanor. He was a true gentleman, one my dad admired greatly. Somehow, my dad managed to buy Deane's immaculate Lincolns when they came off lease or when Deane decided to move to a new car. It was always a source of amusement to our family. I'm sure that Deane will be missed by family, friends and the world at large - they make very few like him anymore. Our condolences to the entire Somerville family. Michael Fortuna

Pauline Kelley wrote: