James Andrew Frankel

1923 ∼ 2019

Cassandra of Wareham mass wrote:

Such an amazing guy I was honored to be able to take cate of him over the years !!

Laura Peterson of South Yarmouth wrote:

I would like to extend my sympathy to Jim's family. I worked for Sight Loss Services from 1986 thru 2010 and met Jim when he joined our program. Soon after, he joined our Board of Directors where he helped to advise and guide our agency in our mission to assist people who were learning to cope with the loss of sight. Jim was an intelligent man who knew how to get things done. He did not accept anything less than excellence from our agency's staff and directors. Even after he could no longer attend meetings, he remained connected to SLS in any way he could. For all that he did on behalf of our agency and those whom we served, I am so deeply grateful. I will never forget him.

Barry. Zuckerman of Los Lunas. NM wrote:

I grew up next door to Jim in South Euclid Ohio. I knew his first wife Lynn and use to baby sit for Susie and Danny. Many local celebs would stop over their house. I think Johnny Mathis stopped over. 2165098750