Joanne Arthurs

1929 ∼ 2019

Dan Daddieco of HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE wrote:

My god-mother, Joanne, (Auntie Josie), as I called her, was "different." She walked her own path in life and invited anyone that was interested in her philosophies to engage her in scintillating conversations. No subject was out of bounds. She listened, always, with an ear towards understanding your point of view and every encounter was punctuated with laughter and a sense of a real family connection. She was simply a joy to be with at every family occasion - surely a little crazy or off-center at times, but that was Joanne. Her persona was large and inviting. RIP Auntie Josie.

Sheri Craig wrote:

We were so saddened to hear of Joanne’s death. It hit Dan very hard as they had a special bond. I knew Joanne primarily through her letters to Dan over the years. Letters that she included with his birthday card and Christmas card. Joanne was a unique individual, kind, creative and one who marched to her own drummer. My most vivid memories were those of Christmas gatherings. She arrived wearing a big flowery hat carrying supplies to make a family tree made out of each of outlined of each of our traced hands. She also came packing some creative over the top food art. As the first time spending Christmas with the family I honestly can say I was quite taken by surprise. Over the past week as Dan and I have been remembering her life, talking about all she did for the him and family, viewed the beautiful photo display of her life and read the stories from family members it’s given me a better understanding of her life and how she touched and shaped so many. What a legacy she’s left. She lived a life full of love of family, a life of caring, shaping and giving her time and talents. Sadly she lost the love of her life early on tragically yet her strength and faith helped her fulfill a full life. My sincere condolences to David and extended family. Joanne leaves behind wonderful memories for all whose lives she touched. May she Rest In Peace. Another talented artist to help decorate heaven.