John R. Rubino

1943 ∼ 2020

George and Simone Rubino of Grand Junction wrote:

You left many wonderful memories for the entire family.

Chris and Sue Boosinger of St.Cloud, Fla. wrote:

Good bye you good lookin man. love you.

Judith Armstrong of Milwaukee wrote:

sister-in-law, he had the sexiesxt voice.I enjoyed the time he took me golfing and i known he let me win some of the holes. He will be missed terribly,love you.

Joseph Miron B of Chilmark Ma wrote:

John Rubino was a friend of mine A DJ of the finest kind But he was also the best Marine you could find And his character showed as he always towed the line I spent a week at Johns place in California A jazz and dining restaurant named Bela Via He showed me the time of my life And even tried to introduce me to my next wife Years later we would reconnect on the cape Where I’d meet his beautiful wife Pamela His soulmate ♥️ His love of his family was everything to John And this will last forever as his spirit moves on Your Patriots and Red Sox will miss your cheers Especially when we celebrated w a few cold beers So as we work our way through this loss we will always remember John as the best Boss But we will also look up one night and see That John is in heaven and he is free You lived a good life and we will miss you so But we are all better cause you put on a good show So when you look up tonight to see which star John is at , it will be the one with biggest Glow Rest In Peace my brother John As we know your soul will Love On ♥️

Stephanie Poellot of Roseburg OR wrote:

(written 7/17/2020) Today, unexpectedly, I lost my dad. While he wasn't my biological father, he was my dad. All my favorite childhood memories are with him. For my mom and his first date (I was 7) he took us to see Superman. Funny that because that's exactly what he became to me, my Superman. Gosh, so many memories flood my mind today as I reflect. I recall him working at the radio station in Carlsbad with his deep radio voice echoing " John Strong" across the radio waves. I remember listening to him entice us to call in to win prizes, I won (with his help, I'm sure) Olivia Newton John's Xanadu album. Morning jogs on Tamarack beach before work and school with a pit stop at the local donut shop to reward ourselves. Trips to Disneyland where once he bought a glow in the dark hand that he proudly displayed slammed into the trunk of our car. Many memories of times spent at the oceanside harbor retailers, restaurants and hotel. A month in Lake Tahoe in a house in top of a mountain. Horse back riding, casinos, board games. My favorite memory is of the two of us craving Jack in the Box super tacos. He had $4 and the car was on empty but he was sure we could make it. There was a heavy rain storm (unusual for Carlsbad) but we decided to chance it. We made it to just across the street from Jack in the Box after pulling out of the drive thru with our tacos and we ran out of gas. After eating our tacos we made for home in the pouring down rain seeking shelter wherever we could find it. We literally laughed so hard all the way home that our bellys hurt as we stood shivering (and soaking wet) in front of the heater. So so many fond memories..... He loved me at my best and my worst. He celebrated my college graduation and walked me down the aisle. He became "Papa John" to my kids, making them giggle at his Tony the Tiger, "They're Great" impersonation. He cooked, and shared the family (Italian Chicken) recipe, with my oldest daughter and she still claims I don't make it nearly as good as Papa John. Today, unexpectedly, I lost my dad to this earth. He was a GOOD man and I will miss him dearly but he lives vividly in my heart and memories. I love you dad!

Peter moore of Falmouth ma wrote:

Too the Rubino family my condolences for your loss. May he rest in peace!

Judith Armstrong of Milwaukee wrote:

Pam just to let you know I was there with you today, take care and know that I love you

Linda Fichtner of Roseburg, OR wrote:

Sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with the family.