Joyce Marie Freeman

1947 ∼ 2019

Linda Sherman of Stoughton wrote:

Joyce and I had all our classes in Jr High together in 7/82A . She was my close friend and I remember going to her home often to listen to records-and work on science projects. We even wrote a book together BOUFNER NEWS- a clever combo of our names. Joyce was sweet, pretty, funny and loved Elvis. May her memory serve as a Blessing!

Bill Darrow of Vienna, VA wrote:

I was an early classmate, neighbor and friend of Joyce when she was in Sharon. We played together as kids, and walked to school together. We lost touch when we graduated from high school, but I still remember her kindness for animals, and her warm smile. Please convey my eepest sympathy to her family.

Beryl Vicki Cooper Gorelick MENGLE of Maineville, OH 45039 wrote:

Rest in peace Joyce. Your friend Vicki

Cyndy Adamic of Plymouth, MA wrote:

Joyce and I were friends in High School...which brings back so many nice memories of her kindness, fun in such a quiet way and her lovely mom. I am so sorry to hear of her passing. So very sad. With sympathy... Cyndy Hutchins Adamic

Janet ( Burgess) Mahan of Anacortes , Washington wrote:

Joyce and I were good friends in high school. I'd often walk to her house after school. We spent three summers together at the beach in Scituate working for two families as mother's helpers/ babysitters. They each had six children. I lost touch with her after high school but have often thought about those fun times. So sorry to hear of her passing.

christine Valavanis Cahill of Middleton,ma wrote:

I have thought of Your beloved Mom many times throughout the years. To my regret lost contact when she moved to Martha's Vineyard. Fond memories of fun afternoons at her home after school. Trips for a day of skiing, a trip to tangle wood, a vacation to the cape after we graduated. she was always full of quiet meaningful fun that we small town girls enjoyed. A special memory I have is the the honor of being her maid of honor when she and your Dad married. My sympathy to Joyce's family for their loss.