Kenneth C. Irving

1953 ∼ 2019

Tom Gorton of Nanning, China / Falmouth, MA wrote:

Kenny Irving was a very special friend. We spent many hours together over the years and each hour was marked by riotous laughter and serious talk. He was engaging, infectious, always funny and always brilliant. It was not unusual to find us on a Saturday afternoon at the bar in North Falmouth's Silver Lounge. Those afternoons were time well spent that provided me with extreme enjoyment with a tidal wave of humor. Kenny's maritime knowledge was boundless, his creativity relentless as evidenced by the fine, electic home he built beside the former railroad track. His talents were many from teaching to carpentry to seamanship to interior design and fabrication. I have had the good fortune of knowing Kenny and counting him among the few close, trusted and valued friends that I've ever had. I will always remember his sense of humor and his lasting friendship. I will miss his presence at Blue Shutters and in my life until my last breath. If there's an oil spill in Heaven then they have the right guy to clean it up. My deep condolences go to Charlotte and to Ken's family. God speed, my good friend, we'll meet again at the Silver Lounge in the sky for unbridled laughter and drinks. Thanks for your true friendship that means so much to me.

Don Irving of Cape Coral FL wrote:

Had some great times together and always enjoyed the positive attitude!

Jackie of West Falmouth MA wrote:

I "ditto" Tom Gorton's message, although I did not know Ken as personally. All I know is the openness-of-spirit he had, infusing the air of conversation with such amusement and knowledge. Many, many times, (years ago when I worked at the Lounge) he shared himself with us. So warm, so genuine. My condolences to all - even the giant koi. He will NOT be forgotten - how grateful, yet sad I am.

Kristen Wickman Pinto wrote:

I’m so sorry, John. Kenneth was a good kid, always happy and a lot of fun as I remember. My condolences for the loss of your dad and Scott as well. That’s a lot of sorrow with which to deal. My mother passed away on January 31 of this year. Next time I’m down the Cape, I’ll look up the Shining Sea Bike Path. Best regards, Kristen

Patrice Worsman of Ayden, Nc wrote:

I knew Kenneth back in High School. Such a cutie. I regret not getting in touch with him during my many visits to the Cape. I am touched by heartfelt comments of his friends. His spirit shines through in their comments. John I am so sorry for your loss of your brother and dear father. Patrice ( or Patsy) as Kenneth always called me.

Greg Beckstrom of Sunshine, Louisiana wrote:

Growing up with Kenneth will always be some of my best childhood memories.

Patricia McGrath of Bourne MA wrote:

Kenny you were such a great friend. I spent a lot of time talking things over with you. You got me into teaching medical classes at MMA for 12 years. I was very happy for you finally meeting the love of your life Charlotte. I’m so glad I just happened to stop in to visit you last month. I love you Kenny and you will be deeply missed by all. RIP Kenny you’ve done your time in Hell

Bill McAbee of Boston MA wrote:

Love you Kenny, we had good times.

Jeffrey MacDougall of Falmouth, Ma wrote:

Rest in Peace old friend!

James Nidositko Sr. of Falmouth wrote:

To Charlotte; The "exercise lady", Please accept my sincere sympathy for your loss. I'll always remember that beautiful house you built just before the rotary. You are in my thoughts and prayers at this time

Marilyn of Bucksport wrote:

The Kenneth I knew was one of a long ago. Yet, so many of the traits that more recent friends have shared here are the ones I knew of Kenneth, as well. He was always an upbeat, optimistic, compassionate, and bright individual. Full of life. I am so fortunate to have shared what little time I did with him, and to have such fond memories. His spirit was so much like the sea that was such a part of him. It brings me peace, now, to think of him as having found calm waters. My heart goes out to family and loved ones who greatly feel his loss.

Mike Myler of Watertown wrote:

Kenny was one of my Best Friends. We shared many Great times. The stories we shared were incredible. I will miss Kenny for the rest of my Life....

Rick Vovcsko of Mansfield MA wrote:

Only just learned of Kens passing. Truly sorry and my condolences. I worked with Ken at MMA and enjoyed our experiences in the Sims . He will be missed. May the road rise to meet you Ken. R