Linda F. Moran

1943 ∼ 2017

Mary of Yarmouth Port, MA wrote:

I met Linda at the Cape Wildlife Center. She was an amazingly strong woman who leaves this world a better place.

Anne Bradley of East Sandwich wrote:

Although I never met Linda, my family's life has been forever changed because of one of her most cherished passions - her sweet dog Kenzie. Touched by her unbreakable bond with her loyal dog, my family felt compelled to foster her baby after she fell ill. My family has been blessed by the amazing dog that she so lovingly raised to be compassionate, intuitive, playful, and yes - clearly like Linda, sassy, and filled with the love of nature. To her cousins and large group of friends, please accept our sincere sympathy as you grieve your beautiful friend. But please take comfort in knowing that her Kenzie is well loved, and well cared for, and likely sleeping in my bed right now with the blankets and pillows surrounding! My love to all.

Lyn Legere of Charlotte, NC wrote:

Dear Terry, Bill, Carolann, Diane and large circle of Team Linda, What a beautifully written memorial to Linda that captures her so well. Her generosity of spirit and soul will be missed in so many ways and by so many. It's hard to imagine the world without her. I know how much she appreciated your never-ending love and support. I hope to see you on May 21st. Love always...Lyn

Ed Houlihan of East Sandwich wrote:

As a volunteer at the Game Farm, I have met so many admirable people. Linda stands out among these for her courageous approach to life and her constant good cheer. I only found out about her many contributions to the well being of so many others in reading her obituary. She will be missed around Scorton Creek. Ed Houlihan

Mary Morelli of Yarmouth Port, MA wrote:

Linda and I went through our volunteer orientation at Cape Wildlife Center together as well as the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation course. We were usually at the center on the same day. She would grab a pair of gloves, and I would help her put them on. One of my favorite memories was when she took a little squirrel out of the cage and stuck it to the front of her shirt so she could move to the feeding station. One day she walked over to me and said, "Help me. There's a squirrel on me somewhere." I found the little critter on her back. RIP, dear friend.