Margaret “Margie” Clerico

1937 ∼ 2019

Charlie and Carol Aftosmis of Mashpee, MA wrote:

With deepest sympathy and prayers for Joe and his family.

Van Rookhuyzen of San Francisco, California wrote:

As part of the extended Clerico family, I unfortunately did not get to meet Margaret until much later in both of our life's. I first met Margaret in 2012, when her and Joe came back for my mother‘s 90th birthday. My mother, Jean Rookhuyzen is Joe‘s older sister. My very first meeting with Margaret was wonderful. I found her very joyous, and immediately comfortable to talk to and be around. She also had a wonderful sense of humor, about herself as well as the world, which is always important characteristic to me in people. Made me really wish I had made more effort to get to know her to know her much earlier in both of ours lives. She is definitely the type of person I know I would’ve made friends with and probably gotten close to, at any age we would’ve met. She will be sadly missed at any future events that Joe and I are together at. I know what a loving and close relationship her and Joe had for over 50 years. What a wonderful and great thing that each of them found each other and were able to share each other‘s lives so closely for over 50 years.

Randy Zivan of Ellijay Ga wrote:

My deepest sympathies and condolences.