Mary V. Ludlow

1922 ∼ 2020

Chris and John Jett of Bear, Delaware wrote:

Mary and Michael. So sorry for the loss of your mother. May she rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time. Chris and John Jett.

Jackie of West Falmouth wrote:

Dear Family, So grateful that it came to my attention, this tribute to your most lovely mother. I do not pretend to be a "friend" and yet I was always so pleased to run into her in and around West Falmouth. Always so warm and genuine, so gracious. I am a firm believer that all-of-us, "strangers or not", share a consequence-with-each-other, if we mean-it-to-be. We are community and those past quick exchanges of words and smiles we share enrich us more-than-we-know. Sharing in your loss...and yet so grateful that she and Mr. Ludlow crossed my path. May I have brought you a little comfort in these sad days...

Adore Kurtz of Melbourne wrote:

Aunt Mary was always so vivacious and so interested in everything. Like her mother, Julia, when you spoke to her Aunt Mary could make you feel as if you were the only person in the room!

Valorie A Camarota of Arden NC wrote:

So sorry to read of your mom's passing, George. I wish peace of heart for you and Lisa and your family during this sad time.

Juanita Leighton of Falmouth,MA wrote:

I was sorry to hear of your mothers passing. She was a patient at an office I worked at for many years. It was always a pleasure to see her.

Rita Minton of Stoughton, MA wrote:

Diane, I remember the first time I met your Mom. You were in town visiting your Mom and Sharon Connors and I came to Woods Hole for a round of golf. Your mother was very patient with us as we spewed golf shots all over the course! Still it was a fun day and I enjoyed meeting your mother. I am sure your family has many happy memories to share. Take Care, Rita Minton I really only saw her maybe a few times after that in the years that followed, but your Mom always made me feel welcome in her home.

Glenn Kelly of Falmouth wrote:

Mrs Ludlow along with her husband George spent many happy years with us at the Woods Hole Golf Club participating in golf and social events. Sweet and kind are just some of the adjectives that come to mind looking back on her time here. We shared many laughs and good times. I m glad she is reunited with her George up in heaven .

Gosha of New Britain, CT wrote:

The people we love stay forever because they have left traces on our hearts. Mary I love you so much. I miss you. Condolences to Pam, Diane, Mary, Jane, Barbara and George.

Stephen J Flynn of Woodbridge, New Jersey wrote:

Rest in Peace Aunt Mary! What a great life she lived and enjoyed.

Edward Flynn of New Orleans, Louisiana wrote:

Dear Cousins, I know it’s very hard for anyone to lose their mom, no matter their age. I’m so happy for all of you that Mary lived to see you all grow up, for her to see so many wonderful grandchildren and also for her to witness and celebrate achievements, birthdays & anniversaries of her many nieces and nephews. I feel lucky to have 1 in particular special memory flying up from Louisiana) to SI back in 2014 to go for cousin Raymond’s party held at St. Christopher’s (Grant City), it was a joyful and beautiful affair (Raymond in his tux!) put on by his sister and attended by Ray’s many admirers - including your mom, at least 2 of u and lots of Flynn’s. I possess a photograph of me, cousin Steve (came up from Houston) and your mother holding (her bottle) from that evening. I’m so glad to have her smiling face with Steve & me! Your mom was also a great comfort to me when her brother - my dad - passed. I remember looking directly at her as I eulogized my father; it meant a great deal to me that she came. I’m so sorry, i know this is sad but I hope you all feel some small comfort in knowing how many people loved your mother.