Paul F. Smiley

1948 ∼ 2018

Sharon Grant of PLainville, MA wrote:

Will miss you Smiley, your sense of humor and jokes. I know you are laughing and joking up there with Leo.

Uncle Bernie of Lemoore, Ca. wrote:

Smiley, Smiley, Smiley…man, I miss you dog. I remember walking along the beach, at the Virginia reunion, with Smiley. He and I were comparing and assessing our health issues. Up ahead was “Fast Eddie” who turned around and yelled to us that we looked like two old men stumbling along. Cracked us up. Because we were like two old men stumbling along. Then Smiley looked at me and said “No Mercy.” That was a constant refrain among us, “No Mercy.” You ask, what does that mean? It meant total honesty between us, no holding back. Refreshing. Whatever life threw at you, there it was, and you could smile, because it was laid bare. Smiley exemplified his name. A smile for him was a natural fit, and those with him, had to smile also. Rest easy Brother.

danny dubois of carver ma wrote:

very sad day thanks for all your help inthe pastyears you will be missed

Traci Medeiros of Wareham wrote:

Cindy- John and I are so sorry to hear of Paul's passing. Please know our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Frank Henthorn of Oceanside, CA 92056 wrote:

It is extremely rare that three guys (Eddie, Paul and Skip)could maintain a personal friendship through all these years since childhood. These three guys have always been a highlight at the MCB-53 reunions and Eddie and Paul will be sorely missed. Looking forward to seeing Skip, Gail and Cindy at the next Reunion. To all the family and friends you have my sincere sadness and sympathy.

John and Christine Fagan of Virginia Beach, VA wrote:

We are so very sorry for your loss. We know how special Paul was to all of you. He was a great man and we are so thankful for the times we spent with him. We always loved hearing his Boston accent and sharing laughs. He will be missed by so many. Sending prayers and hugs to you all. Love you, Christine and John

Ron Finks of Port Saint Lucie, Fl. wrote:

Rest in Peace my friend and fellow Seabee.

James Luppino of Wareham wrote:

Paul will be missed dearly and we will always remember him for his true candor and snappy whit. I returned from a military deployment in 2010 and when I saw Paul the first time in over a year he saluted me and said thanks brother your home now and gave me a hug. That was the first time I actually felt I was home. Paul with a few other Parkwood beach association members helped install the sprinklers at the ball field and was always dedicated to Parkwood beach association by performing action any time it was needed time and time again. His presence was always filled with a warm smile and a short story. He was a true American who loved his country, his family and friends. I will always remember Paul and his direct approach with his cleaver ways. Thanks for all the memories Paul I'm going to miss you. May God bless all his family and friends.

K.C. of Wareham wrote:

He just gave you that 'Smiley' smirk and followed it with a great laugh and joke. Wow, I'll miss that and the toot when he drove by. Always sent him a moose and wilderness pictures at midnight by the fire. Next loon call is you singing babe...Thanks for every thing!!

Mike & Deb Stonefield of Myrtle Beach, SC wrote:

Shocked and saddened to hear of Paul's passing. He was a terrific guy. We will keep him in our prayers.

Lisa Decas-Jacques of Middleboro, Ma wrote:

We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers to Paul’s family and friends. Lisa and Wayne Jacques

Joanne Meuse of Medford wrote:

My heart is broken writing this. Paul you have been in my life for 50 plus years and some wonderful memories are coming to the forefront We laughed a lifetimes worth and cried a bit too. You made everyone feel welcome especially at those parties at "Smileys house" If it's true that we meet our loved ones after we pass, then I feel happy that to know that Jackie has waited along time for you. It's fitting that you were the last to go in your family as you took such good care of all of them. Like a Captain the last to leave the ship. Fair winds and following seas my special friend, until we meet again

Buddy Cushman of Portland, OR wrote:

Many, many wonderful summer days spent with Paul in my childhood. Such a nice man. Parkwood summer days with the Smiley brothers. Good memories.

Larry Weber of Springfield Mn. wrote:

RIP brother Bee. Many a good times and laughs with Paul. You are missed already. Fair winds and following seas.