Richard C. Wilber

1964 ∼ 2019

Kim Sawler of Montrose, PA wrote:

My dear cousin Rich God must have needed a special Angel . Rest In Peace no more cancer to battle in heaven !

Tina Bernal LePage of Lisbon Maine wrote:

Prayers for the family Richard Wilber was my sons uncle I loved this family So sorry how God takes the good ones

Dan & Diane Bradford of Punta Gorda, FL wrote:

Our deepest sympathies to all.

Anna Kennedy of Pittsfield, Me wrote:

Terri I'm so sorry for your loss❤ I have no words my heart breaks for you but I know you will pick up and go forward when you ready, one day at a time! Prayers ❤

Signe Ann McNeil of Fremont, California wrote:

Rich was a wonderful son-in-law and will be missed by all his California relatives.

Joanne of Cocoa fl. wrote:

Baby brother you fought a valiant fight now rest with our lord. We will meet again one day. You show me that great strength comes from with in! That no one can take it , dent it, it is the greatest gift each and everyone of have.

Sandy Snowdale of Pembroke, Ma wrote:

I was so sad to hear of Richards passing. I had no idea he was so, sick. Please accept my sympathy to the family . Terri and girls , his Mom Audrey, brother Randy and all the grandkids In deepest Sandy Snowdale

Nancy of Farmington wrote:

Rest in peace with our lord.

David W bradley of Pawtucket wrote:

Richard was a very good person, He was a great fisherman and mechanic. I hope you are in peace with the lord.

Esther Luevano of Fremont, California wrote:

Sincere condolences to the entire family and pray for peace in your hearts

Lisa A (Christopoulos) Boucher of Rockland wrote:

To the Wilber Family, please accept our deepest sympathy. Rich will be greatly missed. The Christopoulos Family

John Titus of Farmington , NH wrote:

Wilber Family, Our deepest sympathy. John Titus

Don Tasovac of East Bridgewater, Ma wrote:

My wife and I personally met Richard at a Patriots Sunday Football Party at our neighbors who at the time were Aaron and Kathy Carlson. The time frame of first meeting Richard was about 4-5 years ago, I believe! He was a great man to converse with and he certainly had a deep appreciation for his wife, family, motor cycle and the outdoors. At that particular meeting I some how tried to keep up with Richard and Aaron on the alcohol consumption during the day, but I ended up being helped home with Richard one side and Aaron on the other side. It was about three years ago when my wife and I hosted a Christmas / Patriots game day party. I had previously found out that Richard had been struggling with cancer but at that time he was in recovery. I presented Richard with a Christmas ornament that had a picture of a Harley on it. I personally told him that on every Christmas to hang the Harley ornament on the tree and remember the strength he had in fighting the cancer and getting cancer free. From the point on Richard had many operations and struggles with the deadly disease and hopefully the Harley ornament inspired him to keep fighting and not succumb to the disease.... Richard will be missed but never forgotten!

Randy Dean wilber jr of Jay maine wrote:

Its sad to see you go but I know ur not in pain. You will always be in my heart. Say hi to grampa for me. Love deano

Jessica Smith wrote:

Rest in peace. Your are now a guardian angel.

Pamela Rose Souza of Orland CA wrote:

I met Rich in June of 1984 at Denny’s in Mountain View, CA. Next to Moffett Field Navy Base while going through one of those “ dark “ periods in my life. It was around 1:30-2:00 am. He had that goofy tipsy grin on his face along with his two navy cronies. All Rich could manage to do was wave. They all got up to leave and one of Rich’s buddies put a “ BUD” in my purse. Rich’s buddy asked for my number and I gave it to him... Rich’s buddy and I started talking right after that though it wasn’t to be. One night I was due to go out with my date “ the Serviceman “ and he told me he couldn’t go out because it would leave his buddy alone. I thought , “ oh brother who cares”? Apparently his friend did so I quickly went through the Rolodex in my head and blurted out , “ my friend will go out with him “ without ever asking my friend, Teresa! There seems to be some dispute over when I told Teresa I set her up with a sailor but I swore it was when my doorbell rang and the guys were there. Upon opening my door, my date was standing before me in a casual shirt, jeans and some type of hiking boot; but Rich was dressed to impress with his leather vest ( no shirt underneath ) bootleg jeans, the biggest Harley Davidson belt buckle I ever saw and the smelliest military boots ever issued! Rich’s biggest pickup line back then was, uhhh what’s up? ( gotta love it )! Rich and Teresa’s ( Terrie’s ) first dates mostly involved riding all over on the Harley. Back then I don’t know if Teresa was playing hard to get or just being cautious. It took a while for Rich to get her address and phone number. Back then I didn’t play hard to get or cautious so it was very easy for Rich to trick me into giving him all of Teresa’s info. Within 6-7 months they got their first place and within 15 months of meeting they were married. Rich looked out for people he loved as well as people his wife loved. When in California I wanted to see my Terrie, Rich would drive me to and from visiting them. One day as Rich had me on the back of his bike traveling down the freeway, I see this cable like thing fly up from the front area of his bike and he caught it without missing a beat. I was concerned as we’re traveling 50mph or more and I kept yelling, “ what was that”? Rich bent forward and just started fiddling with that cable and ignoring me. Until arriving at my destination he ignored me then when I was off the bike I asked again “ What was that “? Rich smirked and said , “ Calm down, it was just the brake cable. When I moved to Massachusetts and came to Rich and Terrie’s to visit in the winter; Rich knew it was his job to drive my car up into their driveway because I was a horrible driver and scared of ice! He always did it with no complaints ( at least while I was around. I watched Rich grow from a young rebellious buck into a husband then a father and a grandfather. Rich was a good friend who was probably one of the least judgmental people I’ve ever known. He was the kind of person you felt around even when you couldn’t see him. He was someone who always seemed “there”. It’s going to take a long time to get used to him not being “there”. I love you my dear friend, my brother. I’ll miss you always. Pamela aka Pam