Robert C. Przygoda

1968 ∼ 2019

Jerry & Hudson of Ft Lauderdale wrote:

Truly a man with many talents. His God given Humor was infectious. I do believe he endured his Crohn's disease quietly and went on in his life enduring his chronic pain. . Of all the friends I had in my life- His friendship gave the most love and excitement. Oh course the best cook and host in the world. I honor him with love and will miss him. A bright star in our sky was dimmed this week. Goodbye pal - I’m glad you had Robbie- I’m glad you had such love.

Jerry wrote:

[Verse 1] I am sailing, I am sailing Home again 'cross the sea I am sailing, stormy waters To be near you, to be free [Verse 2] I am flying, I am flying Like a bird 'cross the sky I am flying, passing high clouds To be with you, to be free [Chorus] Can you hear me, can you hear me Thro' the dark night, far away I am dying, forever trying To be with you, who can say Can you hear me, can you hear me Thro' the dark night far away I am dying, forever crying To be with you, who can say [Verse 3] We are sailing, we are sailing Home again 'cross the sea We are sailing stormy waters To be near you, to be free

Carol Bedard of Gloucester MA wrote:

I’m missing you terribly Bobby. Our lengthy morning talks and your lives . From the day I met you had me at Hello❤️❤️❤️

Tracy DeCaro of Gloucester Mass wrote:

I will miss my friend forever!

Iris of Lynn, Ma wrote:

I will remember you with a lot of love ❤️, but my heart is sad. You left very soon my friend

Dr George Gales wrote:

It was a pleasure to have met you and worked with you. You are missed greatly!

Renee Jefferson-Taite of Sydney, NSW Australia wrote:

Bobby you were a one of a kind. Thank you for being a brother to me. Thank you for conversations because you truly cared, wanted to help and loved with such a big big heart. I will continue to watch your facebook live videos to enjoy that beautiful personality and hear you say hello to so many friends as you take us with you around the many places you and Robbie visited. One of my families favourite facebook live clips is the one of you, Robbie and friends screaming through Gloucester harbour in a motor boat towards Beverly. Like so many others, I miss you. You will always be in my heart ♥️.

Rhonda Goulart of Gloucester,mass wrote:

Love you and your very loving nature .... met you when I was pregnant with my stef ... who went to Disney with you and her son and my mom was there too ... you were always caring about us all ....will miss our breakfast dates ...

Erik Przygoda of Campbell NY wrote:

This world is a bit darker, a bit colder without your light. The Lord has called you home. Love you.

Thomas &susan; cram of Kingston Massachusetts wrote:

Rob it was a great pleasure to have had you part of our family May God Bless you and keep you close to his heart ❤️ Love ya

Cynthia of Gloucester, Ma wrote:

The last time I saw you was at a Christmas party. We discussed nursing, the funny times, you were joking as usual.. I will especially miss your infectious could always make me laugh...Love and miss you... Rest In Peace Bob.....❤️

Laurie Barron of Roslindale wrote:

I am still in schock to hear of Robert's death. He was in the Thursday night before he died to pick up some medications. We had always talked about his mom having cancer and eventual death I know he missed her with all his heart. His love of Gloucester, his partner, and the trips to Florida. On that Thursday, Bob was telling us about his new job he started on Monday and how excited he was. On leaving I said good luck on Monday and don't forget to use sunscreen. He would always brighten my day. May you rest in peace Robert. Love Laurie and everyone at Costco RX

Maryanne Murphy of Stoughton MA wrote:

Deepest condolences to Robbie and the whole family. I was blessed to have known Robert while he worked at Carney.

Michele Townsend of Plymouth Ma wrote:

So sorry for your loss.My heart goes out

Sandra Pickett of Plymouth, Ma wrote:

I was so sorry to hear of Robert's passing and I must say my heart is very heavy today. We met at the Carney when I was a patient. He had an incredible magnetic personalty and his laugh was infectious.We had wonderful conversations about his travels, love of animals and Bobby. We kept in touch and I know he was hapoy in his position after he left Carney. My biggest regret is that we never got to have lunch with Bobby. Always a conflict. I even ordered Tupperware from him and he delivered it to my home. That said, I will miss him and want Bobby and the rest of his family to know I am sending my deepest condolences.