William K. Mackey

1932 ∼ 2019

Kathleen M Buttner of E. Sandwich wrote:

Dear Winnie, Tim, Cameron and Family, I am deeply saddened and words are of no help in expressing the sorrow I feel at this moment. I know this is far from what all of you are going through right now and my prayers are for you during this sorrowful time. Death can never take a good man away, for in the hearts of the people he inspired, the legacy remains and continues throughout generations. May you find comfort in loving memories. Kathleen M. Buttner

Susan Bernier of Cotuit wrote:

Winnie and Family I am so sorry for your loss. I have very fond memories of Bill at The Woods Hole Golf Club and also while Nancy and I were catering your cocktail parties. We always enjoyed working for both of you and admired the love you shared. A true gentlemen he was.

Jack Carroll of Falmouth Ma wrote:

Rest in Peace Bill, it was an honor to get know you in the last few years as one of your drivers. You were a very kind man. Jack

Monika Bang-Campbell of WEST FALMOUTH wrote:

Bill was a dear family friend and attorney. He helped me through the death of my own father, a long time friend of his. There are no words to express what a kind, generous, thoughtful and dedicated man Bill was. I am blessed to have had him in my life. My love to Winnie and all of his family in this time of loss.

Jim and Alice Liljestrand of Woods Hole wrote:

Goodbye Bill, We loved knowing you whether at the Health Club, New Year's Eve, or even at your office where you were always available and affable!! Love Jim and Alice Liljestrand

Dave Christensen of Falmouth, MA and Delray Beach, FL wrote:

HAPPY MOMENTS WITH BILL, by Dave Christensen — First met Bill in 1989 as a guest for Saturday tennis at WHGC. Was in awe of Bill’s perfect classic strokes. Best volleyer ever. Quickly learned he was also a great strategist. Tried to poach but he hit behind in the alley. Tried it again. Same result. Happened every time. Finally realized Bill had eyes in the back of his head! I joined WH the following year and we played Saturday-Sunday morning tennis for over 25 years until Bill’s eyes betrayed him. He couldn’t see the ball until it crossed the net. Reluctantly, he gave in to it. It was a sad day for all of us who enjoyed playing with him all those years. — But we still played golf. 8:30 am every Friday morning in the summer. It started as a group of tennis players that also golfed. Bill, Ron Pokraka, Ed Stimpson, Ernie Smith, Tom Sbarra, Billy Adams and others over the years. Last summer, 2018, we were just down to Ron, Bill and me. Even though Bill couldn’t see the ball in flight, we just watched it for him, drove him to it, and gave him the next distance. He was a very gifted athlete, and always competitive. We played the game of “Nines.” The loser had to buy drinks at lunch. Wonderful way to spend summer Fridays. But never before July 4 or after Labor Day! That was Bill’s strict rule. We suggested, since we were all in our 80’s, that maybe we could relax this a bit, maybe stretch it out a week or so, but no. Bill always had to get back to the office! We were preparing to play again this summer. Bill was ready, but injuries befell Ron and me. Our goal was to get back together before Labor Day. — Bill thought I would look good in a bow tie. He gave me one of his many nice ties, and gave me lessons with a piece of rope. But I was never able to learn. Bill was disappointed. Guess I just wasn't the bow tie type. — Bill, Winnie and I shared a love of jazz music, and for years, we would end up at Fishmonger in the dead of winter, where Tom Renshaw brought in some truly wonderful jazz players on Tuesday nights. Sometimes the snow blew by the windows sideways. There may have been only 15 or 20 who braved the weather to share a glass of wine and some snacks and listen to great music. One of those cold nights there was this tall, bass playing female singer, named Esperanza. We thought she was pretty special. Sure enough, the following year she was entertaining at the White House! Those musical winter nights created many magical memories. Tom Renshaw continues to producing great music for the Woods Hole Jazz Society, but it’s never been the same without “Fishy’s.”