Joanne Arthurs

1929 ∼ 2019

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Joanne Arthurs (Cucchiara) of Bridgewater died June 1, 2019 in her home at the age of 89.  Joanne was born in Boston, daughter of the late Rosa (and Gaetano Cucchiara.  Joanne was raised and educated in Boston and had lived the past 5 years in Bridgewater, where she moved to from Peabody.  She was preceded by: her sister, the late Marie  D’Addieco; her brother, the late Paul Cucchiara; and her husband, the late Arthur DiDonato.  Joanne is survived by: her beloved son David Arthurs; her niece Arlene Lyons of Middleboro; nephew and godchild Dan D’Addieco of AR, niece and godchild Crystal Lyons of Raynham; nieces Sheryl Lyons Crowell of Virginia, Sandra Ganguly of Franklin, and Jennifer Bloch of Norton; nephew Russell Lyons of SC; and many cherished friends of MA. 

Joanne was born on July 15, 1929 in Boston, MA.  From a very young age, Joanne had a gift for art much like her late brother Paul.  Anyone who knew Joanne was touched by the heart and soul that went into her legacy of assorted artwork and unique creations.  Combining her love of art with her love of children defined a perfect career path.  She received a degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and had a long career as an art teacher in the Danvers, MA school system.  A teacher to many including elementary, junior high, and high school children – she also served as guardian angel to all of us in more ways than she will ever know.  She was a sister, a wife, a mother, and an aunt.  She was a godmother and treated her godchildren like her own.  She was an amazing friend to all who were blessed to know her.

While she was referred to by most of us as Auntie Joanne, she was formerly known as “Auntie Josie” because her given name was Josephine, which she later legally changed.  In her early years, she loved to dance and was an avid accordionist.  She used to entertain her family in their home at 22 Monmouth Street in East Boston, MA.  Her father Gaetano (Guy), also played the accordion.  In addition to the accordion, Joanne also played the violin and the organ over the years.  This family history of music, which has spanned generations, is carried on today by her nephew, Dan.  While she enjoyed music and dance, she was naturally talented in art and made a career out of her passionate creativity.  If she had not become an art teacher, she could have easily become an interior decorator.  She was known to be continually decorating inside her homes – moving furniture and wall art around many times until she was perfectly pleased with their exact placement.  Her artistic expression is sure to have left her son, David, with the gift of patience while supporting Joanne’s creative drive.

Joanne is remembered as a thoughtful, warm, and loving person who was full of happiness.  She lived a spiritually fulfilling and divinely guided life; prayer was always the answer to any challenge or obstacle.  She was not a follower and liked to be her own unique person to express her own ideas, values, and beliefs.  She was known for her gratitude and was always expressing her admiration of and thankfulness for her son, David.   She loved people and she was an engaging conversationalist with her free-spirited sharing of thoughts and new ideas.  Her beautiful smile, great sense of humor, and her open laughter made it a true joy to be around her.  She is remembered for her genuine caring, consideration of others, intent listening, and candid advice.  She was so easy to trust and easy to talk to when you had something important to share.  She encouraged her friends and family during difficult times and helped them maintain a positive outlook and attitude on situations.  She always looked forward to seeing her family and friends.  She was always asking how each of her family members were doing and she really cared to know what was going on in their lives.  She was very close to her sister Mary and after she passed, Joanne started a Grief Support Group to help others who were grieving.

Joanne Arthurs is an everlasting spirit still with us today.  She was an angel, a guide, a helper, and a counselor to each of us, and we know that her heavenly spirit will continue in this capacity.  We were all blessed to know her and are grateful for all the kindness, love, and compassion she so generously shared with all of us.  We thank her for the touching and inspirational words she shared with us both verbally and in writing.  Most of all, we thank her for being free to be herself so that we could all experience the true and beautiful gift of the uniqueness of her soul.  She touched all our lives in countless ways.  The way she lived her own life helped inspire us to be ourselves always, to listen intently to our inner voice, to receive divine guidance, to seek peace, and to persevere through the tough times.  We are left endlessly grateful with an outpouring of love and admiration of her.  Her presence within her family and in her long-lived friendships will never be forgotten.  Her authentic way of being and her undying faith will always be remembered and forever missed.  May we all be left inspired by how she lived her life and aspire to mirror her genuine love, deep faith, and optimistic outlook.

A Graveside Service will be held in Elmwood Cemetery in East Bridgewater, MA on Monday June 10, 2019 at 1:00 PM.


Monday, June 10, 2019 | 1:00 PM

Elmwood Cemetery
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Joanne Arthurs

1929 ∼ 2019

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