Cremation is an option that many people choose for various reasons. These can include religious beliefs, the desire to preserve the environment or honoring a loved one’s request. Cremation can be a less expensive method in comparison to a traditional burial. The final cost ultimately depends on other services and products the family chooses to purchase.

Cremated remains can be scattered, buried or kept with the family in a decorative urn. There are many things families can do with their loved one’s remains, from dispersing them in a favorite location, to being placed in an artificial reef in the ocean, to being spun into colorful glass. Other options include interment, in which the remains are buried or entombed. This can be in a family plot, a niche, or in an urn garden. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about cremation is that a funeral or memorial service cannot be held if you choose cremation. This is not true. In fact, we encourage you to consider holding a memorial service to celebrate your loved one’s life. There are many ways to honor your loved one if they choose cremation, including a traditional funeral and/or graveside services. These are similar to a traditional burial, but cremated remains are present instead of a casket. Others choose to have the body present for viewing and/or a service followed by cremation. 

No matter your preference, our team is here to assist you and your family in honoring your loved one exactly how you want.


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