Guaranteed Pricing

One of the key advantages of pre-planning a funeral is that when you also pre-pay, you are guaranteed tomorrow's products and services at today's prices.  While we can't control external costs like flowers and newspaper notices, pre-planning with Chapman, Cole & Gleason assures that all of the primary funeral and burial costs will be covered. And that means your family members won't feel the pressure of unexpected costs at an already very emotional time.

But this guarantee goes further.  We arrange for the funds covering your funeral to be administered by New England Funeral Trust, so even in the unlikely event that Chapman, Cole & Gleason closes, your pre-planned funeral is still paid for and will be carried out by another funeral home if you or a loved one chooses.

We're Here to Help

To learn more about pre-planning options or other arrangements, we welcome your questions. One of our supportive directors will be happy to assist you.

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